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  • Specialty Egg Products
    Specialty Egg Products

    These are marketed to institutional and consumer users. They include refrigerated hard-cooked peeled eggs, plain, pickled, wedged, sliced, or chopped eggs, frozen hard-cooked egg rolls or long eggs, frozen omelets and quiche mixes and frozen scrambled eggs.  


  • Dried Egg Products
    Dried Egg Products

    These are used primarily as ingredients in the food industry. They include whole eggs, egg whites, free flowing whole eggs, yolk solids, stabilized (glucose-free) whole eggs and blends of whole eggs and/or yolk with carbohydrates. These products must be kept in dry storage away from extreme temperatures and strong odors.


  • Refrigerated Liquid Egg Products
    Refrigerated Liquid Egg Products

    These are widely used by the foodservice industry and the commercial food industry. They are available as whole eggs, whites only or yolks only, sugared egg yolks, salted whole eggs or yolks, scrambled egg mix and extended shelf-life products. These products are stored according to processor recommendations.

  • Frozen Egg Products
    Frozen Egg Products

    These are used as ingredients by food processors. They are available as whole eggs, white only or yolks only, scramble egg mix, salted whole eggs or yolks, sugared egg yolks, whole eggs and yolks with corn syrup and whole eggs with citric acid. These products should be kept frozen at below -5 0F (-20 0C). Thaw in refrigerator or set in cold running water and use as soon as possible.