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Handling Tips for Assured Safety

    • Poultry products must be stored in the original shipping cartons to prevent bruising, tearing of plastic wraps and to facilitate storage.
    • If purchased frozen, product should be stored in the freezer immediately. 
    • Keep meat frozen (0ºF or lower) or refrigerated (35º to 40ºF) until used.
    • Avoid the “Danger Zone” (40° to 140° F) in which harmful bacteria may thrive. 
    • Recommended temperatures for cooking: 
        ◦ 180° F (82° C) for whole bird that contains the bone, 
        ◦ 170° F (76° C) for parts that contain the bone, 
        ◦ 160° F (71° C) for boneless parts and processed items.

    • Meat processing safety practices include maintaining carefully sanitized utensils and equipment in addition to employees' hygiene. 
    • Proper sanitation is essential to prevent or control cross-contamination.